Today is our National Science Day!


Today-28 TH Feb , is our National Science day. In 1928, C.V. Raman announced this day the world famous discovery -‘Raman Effect’, a discove...

Today-28TH Feb, is our National Science day. In 1928, C.V. Raman announced this day the world famous discovery -‘Raman Effect’, a discovery which would earn him a Nobel Prize in the year 1930. This landmark discovery is finding applications today in the area of continuous wave all-silicon laser.

The nation pays homage and expresses its gratitude this day to all the scientists who are dedicatedly involved in science and scientific discoveries as vehicles for the overall development of the country. Our former President APJ Abdul Kalam believes that celebrations of Science as such will attract many young children to take up science as a career. According to him National science day is the day which reminds us that the important ingredient for societal transformation would come mainly from science.

The focal theme of this years’ national science day in India is however ‘Understanding Planet Earth’ according Dr. Manoj Patairiya, director, National Council of Science and Technology Communication[NCSTC], New Delhi ,Government of India which is inspired by a declaration by the United Nations [UN] General Assembly during its 60th session, 2005 to celebrate 2008 as International Year of Earth. The International Year runs from January 2007 to December 2009, the central year of the triennium (2008) having been proclaimed by the UN General Assembly as the UN Year.

Science outreach programmes form the main activities of the International Year of Planet Earth [IYPE] throughout the world including India. The programmes consist of societally relevant and multidisciplinary themes like health, climate, groundwater, ocean, soils, deep Earth, mega cities, hazards, resources, and life. It is the biggest ever international effort to promote the Earth and biological sciences. All living, non living and human beings on the surface of earth will benefit with activities of this year. This initiative aims at raising world awareness about the importance of knowing the place where we inhabit in order to preserve it and to improve its environmental conditions. Another goal of this initiative is to encourage the recognition of the social contribution of geo-sciences to national education systems and also to reaffirm the importance of these specializations for human life and its development.

The inaugural function of the Indian Science Congress at Visakhapatnam on 3rd Jan 2008 witnessed the release of the Logo of Outreach Campaign for Planet Earth by Hon’ble Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh .Students’ rallies were also taken out in scheduled districts on 3rd Jan 2008 to signify the launch of the Outreach Campaign for Planet Earth.

NCSTC, Government of India has drafted the following oath in consultation with its experts which are to be taken by citizens of India today.

We Indians pledge to Conserve and make wise use of our Natural Resources.

We will not do anything to disturb the balanced interdependence of the Nature and its Beings,

Living with mutual Co-operation and Love for all;

We will Care for “Earth the Living Planet” and Work Together for the development of Mankind.

Our Earth and our Sources; we respect them all together.

Protection of nature and its beings; will make us proud forever.

And followings are some catchy slogans which aptly voice the concerns of planet earth and are befitting to the occasion. [Courtesy: NCSTC, Department of Science and Technology, GOI.]

· Diamond, silver and gold have worth, but nothing is more than life on Earth.

  • The service you render to the environment is the rent we pay to Earth.
  • Mars is hot Saturn has a ring; Earth is the only planet on which things live.
  • Save trees, save yourself and your future.
  • Catch water where it falls; make it available for one and all.
  • When conservation fails destruction starts.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle are 3 R’s for a better life.
  • Sure the pollution comes for free, but it’s after effects may cost your life.
  • Prevent, Preserve, Protect are 3 P’s for conservation
  • We don’t inherit Earth from our ancestors. We borrow it from our kids.
  • Nature provides us food for free, but only if we control our appetite!!!!
  • Earth has sufficient for your need, but not enough for your greed.
  • 'As the fittest champions, we have a duty to take care of the weaker species.
  • Green Cities – Plan for the Planet!
  • Our Earth, Our Habitat, Our Home
  • We the People: United for the Global Environment
  • New Challenge for the New Decade: Development Without Destruction
  • Go for global - good for environment. Plant a tree - plan the future. Save the climate ---save the world.
  • Use dustbin
    Avoid pollution
    Increase greenery
Pollution kills us - trees kill pollution - plant trees kill pollution - save life


  1. अति सुन्दर विचार हैं। हमारी हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ।

    जवाब देंहटाएं
  2. तस्लीम का ब्लाग देखकर अच्छा लगा. इसी तरह अच्छे काम करते रहिये.

    जवाब देंहटाएं
वैज्ञानिक चेतना को समर्पित इस यज्ञ में आपकी आहुति (टिप्पणी) के लिए अग्रिम धन्यवाद। आशा है आपका यह स्नेहभाव सदैव बना रहेगा।

रोचक एवं प्रेरक वीडियो के लिए हमारा यूट्यूब चैनल सब्सक्राइब करें


अंतरिक्ष युद्ध,1,अंतर्राष्‍ट्रीय ब्‍लॉगर सम्‍मेलन,1,अंतर्राष्ट्रीय हिन्दी ब्लॉगर सम्मेलन-2012,1,अतिथि लेखक,2,अन्‍तर्राष्‍ट्रीय सम्‍मेलन,1,आजीवन सदस्यता विजेता,1,आटिज्‍म,1,आदिम जनजाति,1,इंदिरा गांधी नेशनल ओपन यूनिवर्सिटी,1,इग्‍नू,1,इच्छा मृत्यु,1,इलेक्ट्रानिकी आपके लिए,1,इलैक्ट्रिक करेंट,1,ईको फ्रैंडली पटाखे,1,एंटी वेनम,2,एक्सोलोटल लार्वा,1,एड्स अनुदान,1,एड्स का खेल,1,एन सी एस टी सी,1,कवक,1,किंग जार्ज मेडिकल कॉलेज,1,कृत्रिम मांस,1,कृत्रिम वर्षा,1,कैलाश वाजपेयी,1,कोबरा,1,कौमार्य की चाहत,1,क्‍लाउड सीडिंग,1,क्षेत्रीय भाषाओं में विज्ञान कथा लेखन,9,खगोल विज्ञान,2,खाद्य पदार्थों की तासीर,1,खाप पंचायत,1,गुफा मानव,1,ग्रीन हाउस गैस,1,चित्र पहेली,201,चीतल,1,चोलानाईकल,1,जन भागीदारी,4,जनसंख्‍या और खाद्यान्‍न समस्‍या,1,जहाँ डॉक्टर न हो,1,जितेन्‍द्र चौधरी जीतू,1,जी0 एम0 फ़सलें,1,जीवन की खोज,1,जेनेटिक फसलों के दुष्‍प्रभाव,1,जॉय एडम्सन,1,ज्योतिर्विज्ञान,1,ज्योतिष,1,ज्योतिष और विज्ञान,1,ठण्‍ड का आनंद,1,डॉ0 मनोज पटैरिया,1,तस्‍लीम विज्ञान गौरव सम्‍मान,1,द लिविंग फ्लेम,1,दकियानूसी सोच,1,दि इंटरप्रिटेशन ऑफ ड्रीम्स,1,दिल और दिमाग,1,दिव्य शक्ति,1,दुआ-तावीज,2,दैनिक जागरण,1,धुम्रपान निषेध,1,नई पहल,1,नारायण बारेठ,1,नारीवाद,3,निस्‍केयर,1,पटाखों से जलने पर क्‍या करें,1,पर्यावरण और हम,8,पीपुल्‍स समाचार,1,पुनर्जन्म,1,पृथ्‍वी दिवस,1,प्‍यार और मस्तिष्‍क,1,प्रकृति और हम,12,प्रदूषण,1,प्रदूषण नियंत्रण बोर्ड,1,प्‍लांट हेल्‍थ क्‍लीनिक,1,प्लाज्मा,1,प्लेटलेटस,1,बचपन,1,बलात्‍कार और समाज,1,बाल साहित्‍य में नवलेखन,2,बाल सुरक्षा,1,बी0 प्रेमानन्‍द,4,बीबीसी,1,बैक्‍टीरिया,1,बॉडी स्कैनर,1,ब्रह्माण्‍ड में जीवन,1,ब्लॉग चर्चा,4,ब्‍लॉग्‍स इन मीडिया,1,भारत के महान वैज्ञानिक हरगोविंद खुराना,1,भारत डोगरा,1,भारत सरकार छात्रवृत्ति योजना,1,मंत्रों की अलौकिक शक्ति,1,मनु स्मृति,1,मनोज कुमार पाण्‍डेय,1,मलेरिया की औषधि,1,महाभारत,1,महामहिम राज्‍यपाल जी श्री राम नरेश यादव,1,महाविस्फोट,1,मानवजनित प्रदूषण,1,मिलावटी खून,1,मेरा पन्‍ना,1,युग दधीचि,1,यौन उत्पीड़न,1,यौन शिक्षा,1,यौन शोषण,1,रंगों की फुहार,1,रक्त,1,राष्ट्रीय पक्षी मोर,1,रूहानी ताकत,1,रेड-व्हाइट ब्लड सेल्स,1,लाइट हाउस,1,लोकार्पण समारोह,1,विज्ञान कथा,1,विज्ञान दिवस,2,विज्ञान संचार,1,विश्व एड्स दिवस,1,विषाणु,1,वैज्ञानिक मनोवृत्ति,1,शाकाहार/मांसाहार,1,शिवम मिश्र,1,संदीप,1,सगोत्र विवाह के फायदे,1,सत्य साईं बाबा,1,समगोत्री विवाह,1,समाचार पत्रों में ब्‍लॉगर सम्‍मेलन,1,समाज और हम,14,समुद्र मंथन,1,सर्प दंश,2,सर्प संसार,1,सर्वबाधा निवारण यंत्र,1,सर्वाधिक प्रदूशित शहर,1,सल्फाइड,1,सांप,1,सांप झाड़ने का मंत्र,1,साइंस ब्‍लॉगिंग कार्यशाला,10,साइक्लिंग का महत्‍व,1,सामाजिक चेतना,1,सुरक्षित दीपावली,1,सूत्रकृमि,1,सूर्य ग्रहण,1,स्‍कूल,1,स्टार वार,1,स्टीरॉयड,1,स्‍वाइन फ्लू,2,स्वास्थ्य चेतना,15,हठयोग,1,होलिका दहन,1,‍होली की मस्‍ती,1,Abhishap,4,abraham t kovoor,7,Agriculture,7,AISECT,11,Ank Vidhya,1,antibiotics,1,antivenom,3,apj,1,arshia science fiction,2,AS,26,ASDR,8,B. 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Scientific World: Today is our National Science Day!
Today is our National Science Day!
Scientific World
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